Karol Bagiński


Karol BagińskiKarol Bagiński,

born 1973. I make photographs since I remember and from the beginning felt strong connection with nature landscape. Still mostly choose nature for my pictures subject. First contact with expression photographers, Marian Schmidt and, more important, Michał Jeliński – our society member was the turning point for my photographic activity. Learning technics and expressive stream of art opened my approach and changed practice. I am deeply convinced that awareness of showing our emotion in photographs is really good way for being connected with viewers. More important for me is which emotions will generate in act  of viewing my pictures than the object on it. I am reacting myself with emotions on surrounding world. My photographs are made with feeling being touched by what I see. They are visual records of this moments.

Professionally I make postproduction of pictures for exhibitions and books. I digitize analogue photographs, remaster them and prepare for presentation. Producing exhibitions, shows and photographic art books. Teaching digital & analogue photography and all the postproduction process. Strive to popularize photographic art.






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