Equivalents – group exhibition

EQUIVALENTS – group exhibition of our Association members’ works in the 19th District from April 1 to May 12, 2016!

Time schedule and the exhibition’s events: 

  • Exhibition’s opening – April 1, 2016, Friday, 18.00 pm
  • Curatorial guided tour – April 9, 2016, Saturday, 15.00 pm
  • Authors’ meeting – April 15, 2016, Friday, 19.00 pm
  • Curatorial guided tour – April 21, 2016, Thursday, 18.00 pm
  • Beyond equivalents – meeting with authors April 28, 2016, Thursday, 18.00 pm
  • Exhibition’s closing – May 12, Thursday, 18.00 pm
  • Opening hours: Monday – Friday : 16.00-20.00, Saturday – Sunday : 12.00-18.00

Curator’s note

Polish Photography Association “Equivalents” was founded in 2013. It brought together people of very different professions, different ages. Some of them have years of artistic work, exhibitions, publications and prizes won in photo contests. Others have recently started their photographic way. They share a common view on photography . The present exhibition is their first joint event, which shows a modest part of their artistic achievements. The most important goal of the exhibition is to give an opportunity for a closer look on equivalence in photography for a wider audience.

Both the name of the Association and the title of the exhibition, are derived from the term founded in the United States in the third decade of the XXth century. At the time, particularly in Europe, photo art was moving off from a faithful rendering of reality toward experimentation and abstraction. The term “equivalence” was used for the first time in the series of photographs “Equivalence” by Alfred Stieglitz. The complete definition was developed and published much later (1963) by Minor White, whose arts foundations derive from the f64 Group. The group was founded in 1932 on the initiative of Ansel Adams, Willard Van Dyke and Imogen Cunningham. Edward Weston was also its member. His late photographs are turned toward impression instead of plain rendering of reality. The works of Weston can be placed between more straight photography of Adams and Minor White impressionist equivalents . White broadened his art exploration by philosophy and development of consciousness – creating images on the basis of his own experience. Equivalence was further developed in works of Paul Caponigro, Frederick Sommer, John Daido Loori and others.

The basis of the equivalence-oriented photographers work is to be focused on his own experiences. Photos become a record of sensations, impressions and emotions felt at the moment of creation. These images cannot be interpreted intellectually because – as intended by their authors – they go beyond the reality of things, the measurable form, beyond the symbolism, lingual and cultural barriers. Such pictures cannot be classified as landscape, abstract, creational or any other kind of photography.

Minor White illustrates equivalence this way: […] When a photographer presents us with what to him is an Equivalent, he is telling us in effect “I had a feeling about something and here is my metaphor of that feeling.” […]

Artist’s impressions contained in photography trigger certain emotions in mindset of the spectator, who is looking at the photograph – the object registered is no longer important, it becomes universal and it serves as relay of emotional, non-intellectual impact. Receiving such pictures demands no information on context, location, time or people involved. What is needed is pure intuition, empathy. These pictures are a reflection, replacement and therefore an equivalent to artist’s emotions, memories, sensations. The spectator may interpret images in his own way, also quite differently than the author would.


The exhibition presents 84 works by fourteen authors. The photos were printed and framed in archival standard. Both ink-jet and silver-gelatin prints are shown. Presented photographs do not have titles, only some are described by place and date of their execution.

Authors, members of the Polish Association of Photography “Equivalents” (in alphabetical order): Karol Bagiński, Marcin Bogdanowicz, Adrian Czechowski, Aleksandra Drutkowska, Katarzyna Dyszyńska, Michał Jeliński, Zbigniew Kołodziejek, Tomasz Kubaczyk, Stanisław Kudroń, Bartłomiej Matłosz, Krzysztof Porzeżyński, Jakub Sagan, Konrad Smolak, Radosław Zawadzki

Exhibition’s curator
Karol Bagiński

Host and co-organizer of the exhibition is 19. Dzielnica – a modern residential complex located in the center of Warsaw, which invariably attracts people who appreciate urban lifestyle as well as enthusiasts of modern design. Remarkable, minimalist architecture by the prestigious JEMS Architects brought 19 District several prizes e.g.: the 1st place in the Best Residential Project competition from 2012 to 2015 in the category “Multifamily Buildings Complex” (PZFD), the title of the best multi-family building in Poland, 2000-2012 (the main prize in the competition “Życie w architekturze” Architektura Murator) and was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2013 official European Union architectural award. For the recovery of post industrial site and creation of a new model of district 19th District received the first prize in the national competition of the Minister of the Environment “Projekt: Przestrzeń” in 2015.

Medikon Polska is a partner of the exhibition in terms of production. Medikon Polska provided full support in realization of prints on archival, FOGRA certified baryta paper FOMEI Collection Baryta 290 in Epson SureColor SC-P6000 STD Spectro printer. Post-production and printing of photographs was made by Karol Baginski Foto-Grafika. Design and implementation of visual communication was done by Tomasz Kubaczyk. Thank you very much!

We are happy to announce that the media patronage of the exhibition was provided by:

FOTOPOLIS – the largest photography-dedicated web portal in Poland.

doc! photo magazine – an e-magazine on documentary photography.

PolFoto – a web photography service.

Świat Obrazu –a web photography service.

Partners of exhibition’a opening and closing:

TradePol sp. z o.o. Pawlina

Contact for exhibition, press release and organization : wystawa [at] ekwiwalenty.com

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