The Association


Polish Association of Photography “Equivalents” is a community of eighteen people of different vocations, beliefs and experience, united by a common passion: photography. Each of us has a unique source of inspiration that he meets in his or her very own way. However, we all share one trait: longing to preserve our deepest feelings, brought to life by visual experience encountered in nature, in each picture taken. Thus our photography becomes a mirror, reflecting emotions of depth that cannot be outspoken. Brought to life by photographers insight, such pictures live on, letting each viewer independently discover truth which is reflected. We call such pictures “equivalents”.

The term “equivalent” was first used by American photographer Alfred Stieglitz in the late 20’s of XXth century and was further developed by another photographer, Minor White. This certain way of creation lived on also in works of photographers such as Paul Caponigro, John ‘Daido’ Loori, Aaron Siskind or Wynn Bullock.

The Association was founded in 2013 as a vehicle for us to promote and develop equivalental photography and, in a wider sense, approach to arts. We want our photography and other artists’ work we find familiar to be presented to as wide an audience as possible. We intend to reach that goal by showing exhibitions, publishing and supporting our members’ photographic and personal development in any way we find helpful.


You can read our statute here (in polish).